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All the products we offer as PN Justmine reach you by preserving their originality and registration. Our products, consisting entirely of edible materials, reach you with their purity and high technology.

About Us

This adventure will take you to the past!  

away from chemicals,  

We aim for superior quality in Luxury Cosmetics.

PN Justmine brand was established as the first brand to offer cosmetic products made by edible materials in Turkey in 2019. It aims to have a leading and pioneering position in the sector with its innovative R&D studies and product range.

In 2020, it became known in the cosmetics market with the motto "Perfect Nature Just Mine" and developed the concept of "Luxury Cosmetics". PN Justmine products, which are superior to their equivalents and offered naturally with the original ingredients it has developed, became one of the sought-after brands in the market by joining Vepamed Kozmetik in the second quarter of 2020.

PN Justmine, which is growing in the field of "Medical Cosmetics" in 2021; By offering the best formulation to the end consumer in the skin care product group, it has brought professional after-sales skin care consultancy service to the retail sector. In this sense, with its rising brand value, it carries out 100% domestic production in the cosmetics sector and continues to increase the interest in the demand for domestic and natural raw materials of our country at the international level.

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