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Chocolate Disinfectant

PN Justmine ® Chocolate Disinfectant

Quantity: 200mL

Product Type: Spray

Exciting cleaning developed for you!

Try the Flavored Disinfectant range with PN Justmine products.

Your disinfectant that you keep with you all day will complete you,

Using it with chocolate flavor will make you more attached to it!

Content: 70% Ethyl Alcohol, 2% Glycerin, Perfume.

Return Acceptance Conditions: Returns created in the product's special cargo box and in a protected manner in accordance with the shipping method are approved.

The returns of your cosmetic products whose warranty band has been removed, used, without box, without invoice, damaged and not sent properly will be sent back to you.

Chocolate Disinfectant

₺500.00 Regular Price
₺475.00Sale Price
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  • 200mL

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